Scholarly Publishing in Military Sciences: Insights from an Experienced Editor

Shields, Patricia M.
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This is a workshop on scholarly publishing in military sciences presented at the 2022 Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society - Canada. It focuses on publication in Armed Forces & Society, the journal that the Pat Shields (presenter) has edited since 2001. It includes a discussion of the manuscript review process, the editor's perspective, getting past the editor's desk, the scope of Armed Forces & Society articles, general tips on quality, things to consider before submission and at the revise and resubmit stage, personal keys to success, how to enhance discoverability after publication and a list of resources on the topic. Armed Forces & Society can be found at this website:
military, scholarly publishing, impact factors, reviews, Political Science
Shields, P. M. (2022). Scholarly publishing in military sciences: Insights from an experienced editor. The Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society, Ottawa, Canada.