Darboux transformation for the discrete Schrodinger equation




Aktosun, Tuncay
Choque-Rivero, Abdon E.
Papanicolaou, Vassilis

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Texas State University, Department of Mathematics


The discrete Schrödinger equation on a half-line lattice with the Dirichlet boundary condition is considered when the potential is real valued, is summable, and has a finite first moment. The Darboux transformation formulas are derived from first principles showing how the potential and the wave function change when a bound state is added to or removed from the discrete spectrum of the corresponding Schrödinger operator without changing the continuous spectrum. This is done by explicitly evaluating the change in the spectral density when a bound state is added or removed and also by determining how the continuous part of the spectral density changes. The theory presented is illustrated with some explicit examples.



Discrete Schrödinger equation, Darboux transformation, Spectral density, Spectral function, Gel'fand-Levitan method, Bound states


Aktosun, T., Choque-Rivero, A. E., & Papanicolaou, V. G. (2019). Darboux transformation for the discrete Schrodinger equation. <i>Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, 2019</i>(112), pp. 1-34.


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