Entrepreneurship and Gender Disparity in the Caribbean




Pounder, Paul

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Texas State University, Center for Diversity and Gender Studies


The contribution of entrepreneurship and innovation to national economic growth has been established in economic literature. However, not much emphasis has been placed on gender-based disparity in entrepreneurship in the Caribbean. United Nations statistics highlight that women comprise half of the world's population and perform two thirds of the work, but only a small percentage consider entrepreneurship in the informal sector or in traditional female sectors. In the Caribbean, education is viewed as the main way of empowering women to be independent, and entrepreneurship comes a close second. From an entrepreneurship perspective, gender disparities remain the reason that female entrepreneurs continue to lag behind male entrepreneurs. The purpose of this paper is to identify areas of gender disparity among entrepreneurs, as well as to identify the means of empowering female entrepreneurs, with special reference to the Caribbean.



entrepreneurship, women, female, entrepreneurs, gender, disparity, Caribbean


Pounder, P. (2015). Entrepreneurship and gender disparity in the Caribbean. <i>Journal of Research on Women and Gender, 6</i>(1), pp. 4-23.


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