Helping Students From the McNair Scholars Program Enroll in Graduate School: A Multilevel Modeling Examination




Renbarger, Rachel
Morgan, Grant
Prochnow, Tyler

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Texas State University, The Education Institute


Due to structural educational inequity, students who are first-generation, low-income, and certain students of color have lower graduate degree attainment compared to their peers. One national program, the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program, serves students from these groups to increase the number of students from these backgrounds who enroll in graduate school and obtain a doctoral degree. This study utilized federal data to examine graduate school enrollment rates for students from this program and understand variation among programs in students enrolling in graduate school. Results indicate that program funding and length of time funded do not statistically and significantly relate to graduate enrollment rates. Additionally, the program works better to help students who were able to graduate with an undergraduate degree. The article concludes with practical implications for those in higher education and limitations of the study.



graduate education, enrollment, multilevel model, McNair Scholars Program


Renbarger, R., Morgan, G., & Prochnow, T. (2021). Helping students from the McNair scholars program enroll in graduate school: A multilevel modeling examination. Journal of College Academic Support Programs, 4(1), pp. 38-46.


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