Parental Support, Gender, Socio-Economic Status and Habitat of People with Physical Disabilities




Halder, Santoshi

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Texas State University, Center for Diversity and Gender Studies


In spite of the modern developments the family still remains the crucial support system of a child's life irrespective of whether the child is with or without disability. In Indian society where parents have so much of expectation from their offspring it becomes the hardest reality to comprehend their child's disability. The present study aimed to explore the nature of parental support towards the people with disabilities with respect to gender, habitat and socio-economic status. 200 people with physical disabilities were collected on the basis of situational sampling technique from the eastern part of India. The tools used were General Information Schedule, Socio-economic background schedule and Family support-Interview schedule. Descriptive statistics and ANOVA was done for the study. Significant differences were noted in parental support towards people with disabilities with respect to gender and socio-economic status though no significant differences were noted with respect to habitat.



disabilities, socio-economic status, parental support, gender


Halder, S. (2012). Parental support, gender, socio-economic status and habitat of people with physical disabilities. <i>Journal of Research on Women and Gender, 3</i>(2), pp. 89-110.


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