Mexicanadas in the Rio Grande Valley: Creative Problem Solving with Limited Resources




Silva, Jose S.

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Everyone has problems in their life but not everyone has equal access to resources—tools, money, time, or knowledge—to properly solve them. As the wealth gap within the U.S. continues to grow, some communities have been forced to find creative solutions to their day-to-day problems because of the resource deficit. The Mexican community in the Rio Grande Valley and Northern Mexico is no exception to this phenomenon, as they practice what they call Mexicanadas to get by, the word Mexicanada is slang for creative problem-solving with limited resources. This encompasses mainstream solutions to problems like duct tape and zip ties to more complicated and creative solutions like putting materials/pieces together that do not belong. This qualitative project will explore the topic of Mexicanadas through photography and in-depth interviews with Valley natives. The goal of this project is to celebrate the Mexican American community of South Texas, to educate outsiders into this “in-group” phenomenon, to inspire the audience to be more resourceful, and rethink the way they view problems.



Latinx, Mexican, RGV, South Texas, creativity, ingenuity, problem solving, money, Honors College


Silva, J. S. (2021). Mexicanadas in the Rio Grande Valley: Creative problem solving with limited resources (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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