Conversion Rates in Online Stores of Hybrid retailers: Impact of Image Congruity with Parent Physical Store and Rival Online Prototype




Becerra, Enrique P.

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The study successfully tested the influence of store image congruity on online conversion rates. The study yielded two manual script, which are being revised before submitted to journals for review. One of the studies entails testing the influence of culture (i.e., thinking tendencies) on store image congruity and its effect on online conversion rates. The other study tests the impact of store image congruity in the domestic market. For both studies, students, from Texas State and a major South Korean University, were used (with IRB permission) as subjects. The studies were successfully presented in two important marketing conferences.


Research Enhancement Program Final Report


online stores, hybrid retailers, image congruity, physical stores, competitors


Becerra, E. P. (2007). Conversion rates in online Stores of hybrid retailers: Impact of image congruity with parent physical store and rival online prototype. Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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