A Developed Ideal Emergency Management Program Setting and Plan: A Case Study of Navarro County

Cox, Shawn
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This research serves three main purposes. First, it defines county responsibilities and develops an ideal emergency management program based on the relevant literature. Second, these responsibilities and the ideal program are compared to the emergency program in Navarro County. Finally, based on the comparison, recommendations are made on how to improve the emergency program in Navarro County. The three methodologies utilized in the research are document analysis, observations, and interviews. Document analysis is used to examine Navarro County's emergency management plan, budget, and ordinances. Interviews were conducted with the county's Emergency Management Coordinator and Director. Observations were made while attending a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) meeting with members of the emergency program. Overall, the emergency program in Navarro County meets the standard developed by the ideal program. Improvements could be made by developing more mitigation plans, increasing the budget for the emergency program, and by participating in more first responder training.
emergency management, county programs, county emergency requirements, Navarro County, Texas, Public Administration
Cox, S. (2006). <i>A developed ideal emergency management program setting and plan: A case study of Navarro County</i>. Masters of Public Administration, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.