Chronicling COVID: Capturing expression, promoting resources




Brown, Jodi
Kennedy, Laura
Towery, Stephanie
Waugh, Laura

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Pandemic has become our existence; we live and breathe history every day. During this difficult period, it is important for libraries to facilitate finding space in our lives to focus on the human element. It is the vocation of libraries to collect and make accessible these cultural artifacts. Many libraries and museums are focusing on capturing the times of Covid-19 and addressing the need for creative expression and discussion. The University Archives and library Collection Development (with assistance from Digital Collections and Copyright librarians) at Texas State University have seized this opportunity to launch the collaborative project, “Chronicling COVID.” This project incorporates many of the same facets as other libraries. However, the uniqueness of Chronicling COVID is in both artifact and audience. Our goal is to bring together the voices and experiences of both the academic and the public communities of San Marcos, TX because the university and the city are not two separate worlds, but one community surviving together. Faculty, students, staff and community members are encouraged to submit their works to archive this historical moment. These expressions may take many forms: journals, blogs, music, artwork, etc. Chronicling COVID is also focused on sharing and promoting the resources of the university libraries for both COVID-19 and the 1918 Influenza pandemic. This project demonstrates the power of software/tools already used in libraries to capture history and promote library collections.



pandemic, COVID, archives


Brown, J., Kennedy, L., Towery, S., & Waugh, L. (2020). Chronicling COVID: Capturing expression, promoting resources. Presented at the Charleston Library Conference, Charleston, SC.


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