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Davis, Kim

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This half-hour comedy pilot aims to use adult-animation in tandem with a highly fictionalized version of the Hudson Valley to provide its audience with laughter and fun entertainment. The Hudson Valley is a region in the state of New York that spans from Westchester County all the way to Albany along the Hudson River. Before moving to Round Rock, Texas at the age of 9, I lived in Harriman, New York, an hour north of New York City located in the Southwest region of the Hudson Valley towards the Hudson Highlands. This pilot is heavily inspired by my time growing up in the Hudson Valley and my introduction to adult animated shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and The Boondocks in elementary school. My goal in writing this pilot was to make something that my younger self living in upstate New York would’ve enjoyed and told other kids about after recess. My show contains similar elements to shows like Regular Show, Smiling Friends, and Gravity Falls, distilled through my personal lens along with real world inspirations for character and scenarios.



screenplay, script, adult-animation, Hudson Valley, comedy, Honors College


Davis, K. (2022). Hudson Valley. Honors College, Texas State University.


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