Understanding the Development of Geographic Knowledge, Skills, and Practices: Examples of Potential Research




Huynh, Niem Tu
Bryant, Lara
Foster, Ellen J.
Hume, Susan E.
Marsh, Meredith J.
Penuel, William R.

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


A Road Map for 21st Century Geography Education: Geography Education Research (Bednarz, Heffron, & Huynh, 2013), a research agenda for geography education, describes possible lines of research to examine the following question: "How do geographic knowledge, skills, and practices develop across individuals, settings, and time?" This article, written towards an audience of graduate students and early career scholars, presents sketches that highlight sample research topics including proposed sample questions, methods, needs, and experimental designs. The research themes include discipline-based education research, coordinated action research, large-scale research within the Network of Alliances for Geographic Education, learning progressions, and personally consequential transitions.



geography, Road Map for 21st Century Geography Education, geography education research, geography education research agenda, action research, Alliance Network, discipline-based education research, learning progressions, consequential transitions


Huynh, N.T., Bryant, L., Foster, E.J., Hume, S.E., Marsh, M.J., & Penuel, W.R. (2013). Understanding the development of geographic knowledge, skills, and practices: Examples of potential research. Research in Geographic Research, 15(2), pp. 3-15.


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