Virtual Learning Assessment: Practical Strategies for Instructors in Higher Education




Denton, Kenneth
Simmons, Michelle

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Texas State University, The Education Institute


Many universities have been designing and implementing online instruction for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic created an unexpected impetus for the expansion of virtual learning. Instructors and students who may not have previously chosen or experienced online instruction found themselves in need of safe, virtual options, and it appears that the general shift to virtual learning is here to stay. Strong, reliable assessment is a major component of virtual instruction, and instructors have several options for structuring student feedback. This article reviews the relevant literature regarding effective online assessment techniques and makes recommendations for the use of examinations and more authentic assessments, including video demonstrations, group projects, and discussion forums. Various data analytics within Learning Management Systems (LMS) are also explored. Discussion includes implications of online assessment and avenues for important research to strengthen response to this growing need.



virtual learning, virtual instruction, higher education institutions, online assessment


Denton, K., & Simmons, M. (2021). Virtual learning assessment: Practical strategies for instructors in higher education. Journal of College Academic Support Program, 3(2), pp. 42-48.


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