The History and Implications of Cyberwarfare for Corporations, Governments, People, and Society: Case Studies Examining How Individuals Create Vulnerabilities in the Information Security Field




Milton, Levi

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Cybercrime has been in existence since computers came into our lives. As time passed, computers became more sophisticated, along with the criminals exploiting them. Cybercrime has become a reality that many businesses, governments, corporations, organizations, and individuals must face. However, how did we get to this point? This research investigates eight case studies that helped shape our world today, allowing the acceleration of cyberwarfare from nation-states like Iran, North Korea, Russia, and the United States. Each case study consists of an overview of what happened, the history of why it happened, the financial impact created, how the attackers orchestrated the attack, and how society can prevent such acts going forward. Billions of dollars lost, fake personas, false flags, election fraud, crime syndicates, and ulterior motives are all present in these case studies. Organizations can use the conclusions drawn from these case studies to help understand how to prevent such acts.



cybercrime, cyberwarfare, nation-States, hacking, crime, Honors College


Milton, L. (2022). The history and implications of cyberwarfare for corporations, governments, people, and society: Case studies examining how individuals create vulnerabilities in the information security field (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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