Creating "A Technician's Guide to Evans Auditorium Audio Equipment and Procedure" - Manual and Reflections




Sobrevilla Rosas, Nicte

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This thesis showcases the manual “A Technician’s Guide to Evans Auditorium Equipment and Procedures” and reflects on the process of its creation. The main focus of the work, the manual itself, is written from a technician’s point of view, with the intent of being a thorough reference that is up-to-date. Evans Auditorium is a key participant in the performances of the School of Music, holds ceremonies for Greek life organizations, and hosts travel acts from all around the world. It is imperative that in order to uphold its ability to showcase art and self-expression, the building is operated effectively. This manual will support a technician’s understanding of hardware and signal flow to encourage successful trouble shooting and smooth performances. Aside from equipment basics, this work provides a clear description of procedure during performances, detailed information on each ensemble, and several reference recordings that set a standard for the product Evans Auditorium strives to produce. The project also details accommodations that have been made for COVID-19 and reflects on how the changes were approached to create a new and successful environment. It is my hope that this manual will allow future students to further their understanding and be challenged in new ways, and that it can serve as a tool to cultivate the success of future acts.



audio, manual, auditorium, Honors College


Sobrevilla Rosas, N. (2021). Creating "A technician's guide to Evans Auditorium audio equipment and procedure" - Manual and reflections (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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