The Voice of One- The Power of Many: Advancing Social Justice One Individual at a Time




Robertson, Phyllis M.
Guerra, Patricia

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Caddo Gap Press


In this article, the authors explore the question: How should faculty prepare educators to advocate for equity, value their own contributions, and avoid the disillusionment and despair that is only natural when those moments of feeling that, "nothing ever changes?" occur. The authors expand on some essential advice that includes: (1) Being realistic about what you can change; (2) Getting the lay of the land; (3) Finding and working with other like-minded individuals; (4) Avoiding preaching, selling, and confrontation as a means of transforming deficit belief; (5) Building capacity in small increments and over time; (6) Being strategic in the risks taken; (7) Standing fast in your beliefs of equity; (8) Remaining cognizant of district goals and forces driving and impeding change; (9) Networking within the larger community; (10) Hiring strategically; and (11) Valuing and celebrating your own progress.



social justice, academic achievement, higher education, partnerships in education, teacher education programs, Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology


Robertson, P. M., & Guerra, P. L. (2016). The Voice of One- The Power of Many: Advancing Social Justice One Individual at a Time. Multicultural Education, 23(2), pp. 2-12.


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