Fully Scaling Up Corequisite Models in Math: Challenges and Successes




Sharp, Laurie, A.

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Texas State University, The Education Institute


DE programming in higher education should be designed to increase student success, and well-designed corequisite models have shown great potential as an accelerated option for completion of the first college-level course in math. With the support of a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board grant, Tarleton State University, a member institution of the Texas A&M University System, revamped its developmental education (DE) program to exceed requirements for the Texas Success Initiative by fully scaling up student enrollment in corequisite models to 100%. Along with a multi-pronged approach to help students satisfy any TSI liabilities, Tarleton’s revamped DE program includes holistic advising practices that use multiple measures to inform placement decisions, a robust expansion of corequisite models, refinement of assessment protocols, inclusion of peer mentoring services, and two intervention options to address academic underpreparedness and issues with self-efficacy in math. Findings from the first year of implementation were favorable and demonstrated a significant increase in course completion when compared to the previous year. Limitations of this study and areas for future research were also discussed.



corequisite models, eevelopmental education, math, student success


Sharp, L. A. (2022). Fully scaling up corequisite models in math: Challenges and successes. Journal of College Academic Support Programs, 4(2), p. 31–36.


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