'With-it-ness' through the Eyes of a Student Teacher: Effective Classroom Management Procedures, Rules, and Class Meetings




Zuris, Kristina Ann

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The purpose of this qualitative analysis is to study the classroom management strategies of three veteran teachers and a first year teacher who have completed similar coursework and have graduated from the College of Education at Texas State University-San Marcos. This analysis will evaluate their techniques and ideas by focusing on procedures and rules used in the classroom, as well as their use of “class meetings.” I will ultimately compare these in order to describe a comprehensive classroom management plan. Moreover, I will include an overview of what true classroom management “should” be, according to research, as well as give personal testimony on classroom management through the eyes of a student teacher working with my cooperating teacher who was my kindergarten teacher seventeen years ago. I will include personal experiences from the classroom and utilize the lessons learned from my cooperating teacher to describe further other classroom management styles.



classroom management, procedures, rules, class meetings, with-it-ness, Honors College


Zuris, K. A. (2008). 'With-it-ness' through the eyes of a student teacher: Effective classroom management procedures, rules, and class meetings (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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