Reading and Seeing Text: The Navigation and Visualization of History-Aware Hypertext




Arellano, Javier B.

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Over the centuries, the document has come to be one of the most enduring and communicative artifacts of civilization. Up until recently, the manipulation and delivery of the document was mundane and static. We are now entering a new era with respect to the document that has us reappreciating the power, the expressiveness, and utility of documents but in a very different light. The digital document presents new challenges of creating, manipulating, and delivering documents but more importantly and more challenging, as the digital document evolves, the capabilities that extend way beyond that of traditional paper-based documents. By integrating system modeling, user modeling, novel visualization and interactive techniques, sophisticated digital documents can be brought to life to better serve the technical community at large. We could "read and see text" for what it really is, and beyond. This research is an exploration of ways to exploit the malleability and interactivity of electronic documents to provide more meaningful interaction with technical digital documents by utilizing and integrating techniques from multiple disciplines including system modeling, information visualization, user modeling and hypertext.



hypertext systems, document imaging systems, information storage and retriveal systems


Arellano, J.B. (1994). Reading and seeing text: The navigation and visualization of history-aware hypertext (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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