Developing an Open Source Digital Scholarship Ecosystem




Uzwyshyn, Raymond

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International Conference on Educational and Information Technology


This research presents elements necessary to develop a Digital Scholarship Research Ecosystem for a university, college or research institution. Software systems, hardware, human resources and timelines are outlined with brief theoretical overviews and a pragmatic focus on ‘open-source’ (freely available) software, best-inclass applications and global best practices. Major digital scholarly system components in a larger digital ecosystem are discussed: Online Institutional Collection Repositories (D-SPACE), Online Research Data Repositories (DATAVERSE), Identity Management Systems (ORCID), Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Management Systems (VIREO), Academic Journal Systems (OJS3), Digitization Labs, User Interface Software (OMEKA). System assessment, synergistic possibilities and future directions are reviewed. This research arises from a successful five-year phased implementation of such a digital ecosystem for Texas State University Libraries, a large US university research library system. This scholarly ecosystem is suitable for any university, college, research institution or academic research library interested in setting up or building on such an infrastructure and enabling faculty and graduate students with their scholarly research online.



digital archives, digital scholarship, information repositories, information retrieval, digital research collections, research data repositories, identity management systems, electronic theses and dissertation management systems, digitization labs, user interface software, open-source software, open access journal software, online academic journals, research information systems, digital libraries


Uzwyshyn, R. (2020). Developing an open source digital scholarship ecosystem. Paper presented at the International Conference on Educational and Information Technology, Oxford, United Kingdom.


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