Intermolecular Interactions of G-Triplex DNA Assessed by Multi-Channel Surface Plasmon Resonance




Myhre, Mitchell

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G-triplex (G3) nucleic acid structures have recently been proposed as common folding intermediates to G-quadruplex (G4) DNA. Studies on the G3 DNA have been limited, and our understanding of their potential physiological function is in its infancy. To date, several putative G3 forming oligonucleotide based on truncated G4 sequences have been identified. However, the competition between multi-molecular G4 formation and intramolecular G3 formation in truncated G4 sequences has called these putative G3’s into question. This project has aimed toward the development of new methods to identify and study G3 DNA in a manner that precludes G4 multimer formation. Utilizing surface plasmon resonance (SPR), we have identified new putative G3 DNA sequences and qualitatively assessed intermolecular interactions of G3 DNA with several DNA binding proteins.



G-quadruplex DNA, G-triplex DNA, surface plasmon resonance, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Myhre, M. (2023). Intermolecular interactions of G-triplex DNA assessed by multi-channel surface plasmon resonance (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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