Cruz De Olvido Y Managua Salsa City; Devorame Otra Vez: El Reflejo De Los Rastrojos De La Violencia En La Nueva Realidad Urbana De La Centroamerica De Posguerra

Wilson, Carolina
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This paper explores the representation of violence and its remains in two Central American postwar novels: Cruz de olvido by Carlos Cortés and Managua, salsa city: Devórame otra vez by Franz Galich. It explains how the authors present evidences of hostility, misery, disgust and moral crisis trespassing frontiers of space and time, public and private spaces, humanity and animal behavior, between the moral and the immoral. It discusses the perception of the new cities as unsafe and chaotic scenarios and explains how these writers, by demystifying the peaceful and democratic era in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, denounce the consequences of long periods of war in all the social strata.
Violence, Postwar, Cortes, Carlos, Managua, Moral crisis, Social strata
Wilson, C. (2011). <i>Cruz De Olvido y Managua Salsa City; Devorame otra vez: El reflejo de los rastrojos de la violencia en la nueva realidad urbana de la Centroamerica de Posguerra</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.