Introduction to Image Processing with Python and Jupyter Notebooks


This workshop will introduce the basics of image processing using the Python programming language and the interactive Jupyter Notebook environment. Jupyter Notebooks run in most major web browsers and allow the user to mix code with descriptive text in a very straightforward and easy-to-grasp manner. Participants will learn the fundamentals of image processing, have the opportunity to batch processs image files with Python, and perform quality assurance via metadata using Exiftool. If time allows, we will also demonstrate a simple auto-cropping program using OpenCV as an example of development possibilities. A laptop will be required and we ask that participants install the necessary software prior to the workshop. We will provide instructions and assistance installing the software on Windows 10 and macOS 10.11+ using the Conda packaging system. Workshop materials also available on GitHub:



image processing, Python, Jupyter notebooks, Exiftool, auto-cropping, OpenCV


Moore, J. D., & Peters, T. C. (2018). Introduction to image processing with Python and Jupyter notebooks. Presented at the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries, Austin, TX.


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