Experimental Setup and Electrical Characterization of Electronic Material and Devices




Lopez, Roberto

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<p>Due to our increasing energy demands, access to affordable clean energy resource will be of great importance for a society and economy in the near future. Two separate developments are required to secure stable energy supplies: versatile adoption of revolutionary technologies that can be alternatives to fossil fuel-based energy resources and the introduction of products that consume less energy. One way to fulfil the first goal is to utilize more solar energy, generating electricity and fulfil energy requirement. The second goal can be achieved by developing more efficient electronic, cooling, and lighting systems. It is crucial to study the properties of the semiconductor materials to better understand how to make high performance devices with higher energy efficiencies.</p> <p>This thesis focusses primarily on the experimental set up and related instrumentation for the electrical characterization of semiconductor materials and devices. This set up was used to characterize a solar cell device (based on copper-indium- gallium-selenium: CIGS) for energy application and a Schottky device based on the high bandgap semiconductor material Ga2O3 for power device application. In this exploration, temperature dependent current-voltage, capacitance-voltage, and admittance spectroscopy were used to probe the electronic quality in terms of defect concentration, charge carrier mobility, and other charge transport properties. The results are helpful for further technological advancement of semiconductor devices and materials.</p>



Semiconductors, Solar cells


Lopez, R. (2018). <i>Experimental setup and electrical characterization of electronic material and devices</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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