Framing Human-Environment Connections through Waterscapes: A Geographic Lens for Teaching and Learning about Water Resources




Irvine, Kim
Chang, Chew-Hung
Seow, Tricia
Das, Diganta
Loc, Ho Huu

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


The concept of “waterscapes” is examined, with a focus on applications in secondary schools and the pedagogy for undergraduate geography students. The waterscape emphasis on external flows of capital, political relations, and policy that interact with the physical watershed, as well as the hydrosocial cycle, are particularly well suited to support teacher pedagogical content knowledge because of the flexibility in interpreting and applying concepts using what we have termed “the shallow sustainability approach”. Employing case studies from the Singapore geography curriculum, we explore new pathways for the traditional interpretation of waterscapes that include linking mathematical modelling of hydrologic systems with rich local narratives.



waterscapes, hydrosocial cycle, socio-hydrology, IWRM, WSUD, water resource management, water resource education


Irvine, K. N., Chang, C. H., Seow, T., Das, D., & Loc, H. H. (2020). Framing human-environment connections through waterscapes: A geographic lens for teaching and learning about water resources. Research in Geographic Education, 22(2), pp. 21-48.


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