Effects of water configuration (form) in beef loins on color, tenderness, and electrical conductivity




Mesquita, Carolina S.

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In this thesis, beef strip loins were used to study about the effects of apparent water configurations (free, immobilized, and bound) on color, electrical conductivity, and tenderness. These variables contribute to consumer sensory attributes that effect quality factors in beef consumption. Color variables (n = 36) tested involved chroma, hue, L*, a*, and b* to determine correlation across fresh strip loins. The Pearson correlation data demonstrated a correlation at (P < 0.0001) between chroma, hue, L*, a*, and b* across all loins. Further analysis displayed similar conclusions to contain a significant difference. Beef jerky (n = 72), cooked, and fresh strip loins (n = 36) were evaluated for data analysis using electrical conductivity measurements (ECM). Beef jerky determinations displayed high electrical conductivity (EC) with (SEM = 5.05), and ECM was inconclusive based on ingredients listed (food additives). Cooked strip loins, across strip loins, resulted in low ECM (P = 0.37) indicated no significant difference. Fresh strip loins were compared among strip loins and indicated a trend (P < 0.078). Both fresh and cooked strip loins were compared, and ECM showed a three-fold increase across loin types (P < 0.0001). Tenderness (n = 216) was different (P < 0.0001) across strip loins. All data were collected on one source of beef strip loins that came from different animals. Data analyses were conducted through SAS software using Pearson correlations and ANOVA to determine correlation and comparison across strip loins. Results of these experiments show that there are correlations between EC and color of fresh beef loins, and between EC and tenderness of cooked beef loins.



Color, Tenderness, Electrical conductivity, Beef loins


Mesquita, C. S. (2020). <i>Effects of water configuration (form) in beef loins on color, tenderness, and electrical conductivity</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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