The Hallway Lights of Colton Jones: Pedagogical Process and a Ready to Shoot Creative Project




Aliling, Kurt

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The Hallway Lights of Colton Jones is a creative project divided into three different parts. The first part is meant to showcase the debut of my first original Musical Featurette that tackles the issue of guilt, regrets, and closure. The Hallway Lights of Colton Jones revolves around a psychiatrist named Monty Jones, who uses Colton as a character to self-reflect. Colton tells a story of revisiting the deepest part of his memories where he experienced the biggest regret. As he tries to change the outcome of his fixed memory, he found himself valuing the words of Quinn, the love of his life, where she advised him to keep looking forward to what’s next in his life. Monty, in the process develops a form of acceptance and closure through it all. The second part features my breakdown of the pre-production process on how It would be shot, what would be shot, and when it would be shot. I intend to compile and compose the fundamental components of pre-production by creating a production bible that would include the Budget, Schedule, Lined Script, Overheads, Prose Storyboard, Shot List, and Look Book, giving my creative project a competitive edge of being a ready to shoot film. Lastly, the third part encapsulates and concludes my idea of a creative project designed as a “looking glass” of what a Texas State University “Creating a Musical Featurette” Class would like. As the breakdown infers, this project is a culmination of every single film class in Texas State University tailored to successfully create and film a Musical Featurette.



production bible, script, short film, look book, drama, Honors College


Aliling, K. (2020). <i>The hallway lights of Colton Jones: Pedagogical process and a ready to shoot creative project</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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