Me siento como un héroe: Fostering Global Citizenry through an Integrated Unit of Study on Water




Lopez, Minda M.
Kramer, Kristina

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Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts


In this article, we uphold diversity and 21st century skills as central to literacy pedagogy and use a cosmopolitan lens to present the integrated curriculum of a fourth grade bilingual teacher and the experiences of her students. We describe a unit built around language arts, science, and social studies with a focus on social justice and global connectedness for Latina/o students, many of whom were immigrants and transnationals themselves. We also analyze student responses to the unit in relation to cosmopolitanism and global citizenship. Students made connections to their own transnational experiences and were empowered to seek additional ways to engage in social justice.



cosmopolitanism, bilingual, English language learners, integrated units of study, globalization, Curriculum and Instruction


López, M. M., & Kramer, K. (2013). Me siento como un héroe: Fostering global citizenry through an integrated unit of study on water. English in Texas, 43(2), pp. 11–17.


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