Developing a Mentoring Framework through the Examination of Mentoring Paradigms in a Teacher Residency Program




Garza, Ruben
Reynosa, Raymond
Werner, Patrice H.
Duchaine, Ellen L.
Harter, Rod A.

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In this paper, we extend on our exploratory study that examined mentors’ conceptualizations and practices of mentoring preservice teachers in a residency program to develop a mentoring framework to guide mentors’ approaches to mentoring preservice teachers in a year-long clinical experience. Our mentoring framework has the potential to make mentors consciously aware of their roles and purposes of mentoring throughout the year and within respective contexts. This meta-cognitive approach may help them to improve their practice and grow alongside their mentee. The Mentoring Framework for Mentoring is a tool that may be instrumental in developing mentors’ deeper understanding of the roles and purposes of mentoring to promote quality guidance and support for mentees. Our instrument has the potential to inform teacher preparation programs regarding goals and expectations for mentors to develop more formal mentoring guidelines and expectations, to better support the professional development of both preservice teachers and mentors.



mentoring, teacher residency, mentoring framework for mentoring, Curriclum and Instruction


Garza, R., Reynosa, R., Werner, P., Duchaine, E., & Harter, R. A. (2019). Developing a mentoring framework through the examination of mentoring paradigms in a teacher residency program. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 44(3), pp. 1–22.


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