Effects of Multisensory Yoga on Behavior in a Male Child with Apert and Asperger Syndrome




Scroggins, Michaela L.
Litchke, Lyn G.
Liu, Ting

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Wolters Kluwer


This case focused on a 7-year-old boy with Apert and Asperger's syndrome who attended 8, 45 min multisensory yoga sessions, twice a week, during 4-week camp. Results from the pre- and post-tests on Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Social Skills Assessment showed improvements in the total score changes from 19 to 7 for disruptive behaviors. Sparks Target Behavior Checklist scores changed from eight to one showing progression in ability to stay on task. Yoga Pose Rating Scale displayed the transformation in total scores from 80 = emerging to 115 = consistency in pose performance. The field notes revealed the positive development in expressive emotions, social engagement, and decline in looking around. Outside class parent and school behavioral specialist reported the improved ability to self-regulate stress using lion's breath and super brain. These findings indicate an improvement in behaviors that influenced the physical performance, emotional expression, and social interaction after yoga training for this child.



asperger syndrome, behavior, multisensory yoga, social skills, apert syndrome


Scroggins ML, Litchke LG, & Liu T. (2016). Effects of Multisensory Yoga on Behavior in a Male Child with Apert and Asperger Syndrome. International Journal of Yoga, 9(1), pp. 81-84.


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