Justices of the Peace in Mid-Tudor Devon Circa 1538-1570




Zmarzly, Rebecca Jane

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The mid-Tudor era of English history is characterized by larger than life monarchs, political changes, religious disputes and a move away from a medieval form of government. Early modern historians have long questioned the relationships between these political upheavals in order to determine not only what happened during this time, but also how and why it happened. Historians pose these types of questions for many fields of study; Tudor England is no different. But what makes the various aspects of Henrician, Edwardian, Marian and Elizabethan studies differ from those in other areas is that the Tudor scholar cannot escape one undeniable fact: changes during the Tudor regime impacted English history for centuries to come, right up to contemporary events today. Without the modifications the Tudor monarchs made to the English condition, modern forms of government, politics, administration, literature, philosophy, and culture might have been irrevocably altered.



England, Tudor, Devon, JP, Justice of the peace, Administrative history, Westcountry


Zmarzly, R. J. (2007). <i>Justices of the Peace in mid-Tudor Devon Circa 1538-1570</i> (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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