A Simulation Framework for Performance Evaluation and Security Research in Multi-Interface Multi-Channel Networks




Kim, Heywoong

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In wireless networks, devices can be equipped with multiple interfaces to utilize multiple channels and increase the overall throughput of a network. Various channel assignment protocols have been developed to better utilize multiple channels and interfaces However, the research of channel assignment protocols is still lack of a good simulation tool that can content with a variety of requirements and specifications of channel assignment protocols. This thesis proposes MIMC-SIM, a generic simulation framework to study channel assignment protocols in multi-interface and multi-channel networks. The MIMC-SIM framework is built in OMNeT++ with INET and implements a new layer between the network layer and the MAC layer The MIMC-SIM framework has a novel structure which supports generic features and specific behaviors of channel assignment protocols It also provides a generic and flexible code structure for implementing channel assignment protocols.



multiple access protocols, computer network protocols, computer networks


Kim, H. (2010). A simulation framework for performance evaluation and security research in multi-interface multi-channel networks (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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