“It Ain’t a Fight Unless you Hit Me”: Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence in a Sample of African American College Women




Walley-Jean, J. Celeste

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Texas State University, Center for Diversity and Gender Studies


Although some research has suggested that, generally, African American college-aged women are at a relatively higher risk for experiencing interpersonal violence (IPV) than college-aged women from other ethnic groups, little research has examined the experience of IPV, as opposed to the prevalence, specifically among African American college students. A lack of understanding among practitioners and researchers of how violence is conceptualized among African American college-aged women may lead to a deficit in the knowledge needed to develop and implement effective prevention and intervention strategies. Through the qualitative exploration of responses to an open-ended questionnaire asking how participants resolve conflict in their relationships and their perceptions of their and their partners' actions, the current paper expands the understanding of interpersonal violence in a sample of African American college women. The current paper also provides implications for the development of culturally-relevant prevention and intervention strategies and future research within this population.



intimate partner violence, African American, college women, perceptions


Walley-Jean, J. C. (2019). “It ain’t a fight unless you hit me”: Perceptions of intimate partner violence in a sample of African American college women. Journal of Research on Women and Gender, 9(1), pp. 22-38.


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