The Search for the Qualitative Dynamic in Job Evaluation in the Public Sector

Wicker, Jo
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The purpose of the research is to try to isolate and identify the qualitative, or artistic choices, compensation professionals make in compensation design. The research question is twofold: First, do compensation professionals, working in the public sector, recognize the qualitative judgments and choices they make in job evaluation? Secondly, does the public and political nature of public sector pay determine such choices? The purpose of the research is to describe the qualitative choices in terms of type and frequency. Additionally, the role of the public and political nature of pay in the public sector, specifically in the education sector, will be described. It will be described in terms of impact on the frequency and type of qualitative choices made in job evaluation.
job evaluation, public sector, effectiveness, Public Administration
Wicker, J. (1997). <i>The search for the qualitative dynamic in job evaluation in the public sector</i>. Masters of Public Administration, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.