Migration from DSpace to Islandora Version 8




Peters, Todd C.
Long, Jason

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This presentation will discuss the recent installation of an Islandora 8 repository at Texas State University. The University Libraries has maintained a Dspace repository serving as an Institutional Repository for several years. It contains not only scholarship such as electronic theses and dissertations and faculty publications, but also digitized items from special collections. There is general satisfaction with how Dspace supports Institutional Repository scholarship workflows and documents, however, the platform has limitations for support of special collections type material, such as images, audio and video. The University Libraries recently moved special collections materials into a newly established Islandora 8 repository. This presentation will discuss exporting and cross walking Dspace Dublin Core metadata into Islandora using the external Islandora tool, Workbench. Installation and setup of the Islandora 8 software using Docker and customizing Islandora to include searching and faceting will also be discussed.



repositories, Islandora, DSpace, docker, Dublin Core


Peters, T., & Long, J. (2022). Migration from DSpace to Islandora version 8. Presentation at the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries, Austin, Texas.


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