Peaceweaving and Positive Peace

Shields, Patricia M.
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This presentation is part of Texas State Philosophy Dialogue Series week on Peaceweaving. It defines and refines the definition of peaceweaving. The concept originated with Jane Addams and her work at Hull House in Chicago (1889 - 1935) as well as her leadership in the women's peace movement before and after World War I. The concept is linked to the pragmatism of John Dewey, participatory democracy and social ethics. It links to contemporary notions of positive peace. Peaceweaving involves – building the fabric of peace by emphasizing relationships. These positive relationships are built by working on practical problems, avoiding rigid moralisms, embracing perplexity, engaging people widely with sympathetic understanding while recognizing that progress is measured by the welfare of the vulnerable.
peaceweaving, pragmatism, democracy, Public Administration, Political Science
Shields, P. (2022). Peaceweaving and positive peace. City of San Marcos Library, San Marcos, Texas.