Community Building: Using Peer Review to Engage Librarians and Faculty in the Design of an OER Community of Learning




McClean, Jessica
Price, Amanda N.
Morganti, Dianna
Towery, Stephanie
Waugh, Laura

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How can faculty become engaged - and more importantly - involved, in the use and promotion of OER? What kind of program will meet an important need and encourage long-term buy-in? How can faculty contribute to the enrichment and sustainability of OER so that it continues to grow and evolve? The answer is a community built around peer review. By incorporating a familiar and significant concept that faculty value in their own research and career paths, Texas State’s Scholarly Communications Team developed a program that coupled rewarding professional benefit with a sense of community, professional knowledge, and continued learning.



Open Educational Resources, OER, peer review, community of learning


McClean, J., Price, A. N., Morganti, D., Towery, S., & Waugh, L. Community building: Using peer review to engage librarians and faculty in the design of an OER community of learning. Presented at the Open Texas Conference, Houston, TX.


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