A Baker’s Dozen of Influential and Exemplar Pre-2000 Publications for the College Reading and Study Strategies Field

Stahl, Norman
Armstrong, Sonya
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Texas State University, The Education Institute
Throughout the 20th century, a limited number of scholarly oriented books and monographs were issued that should have had great influence on later theory, research, and praxis associated with the college reading and study strategies field. Yet, these works have been, at least to some extent, lost to the winds of time. The lessons that can be learned from each text are important as we move through the reform era of the first three decades of the 21st century. This manuscript is intended to provide a review of selected foundational works of the 20th century of which early-career and established scholars in the field of college reading and learning strategies should have a working knowledge.
college reading, developmental education, study strategies
Stahl, N. A., & Armstrong, S. L. (2022). A baker’s dozen of influential and exemplar pre-2000 publications for the college reading and study strategies field. Journal of College Academic Support Programs, 5(1), p. 31–41. https://doi.org/10.36896/5.1sc2