Providing Broader Access: Texas State Retrospective ETD Digitization Project




Peters, Todd C.
Long, Jason
Mazzei, Erin
Waugh, Laura

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In 2016 the Texas State University Library began digitizing older thesis from the collection. They were not immediately uploaded to the DSpace Digital Collections Repository out of concern for author rights. Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDS) submitted since 2014 include a non-exclusive license agreement with authors for including in the repository, but there are no agreements for older theses. The University Library Copyright Officer, in consultation with University attorneys, determined that restricting access to only affiliated University users, providing a takedown mechanism, and providing a form for a copyright owner to grant permission for open access was sufficient for uploading to the repository. The University Library has finished the first phase of the project and uploaded 1300 theses into the DSpace repository. This presentation will briefly describe the modifications to the DSpace repository software to selectively restrict access to theses without a license agreement, adding a banner display message for restricted items, and creating a linked form for copyright holders to grant permission for theses to be made available open access. Workflows will be discussed including scripts to convert MARC records into Dublin Core metadata and the packaging of metadata and image files into DSpace submission information packages (SIP) for batch loading into DSpace. Post ingestion metadata editing and controlled vocabulary management will also be discussed.



digitization, DSpace, institutional repositories, theses, dissertations


Peters, T., Long, J., Mazzei, E., & Waugh, L. (2021). Providing broader access: Texas State retrospective ETD digitization project. Presented at the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries, Austin, TX.


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